Superhero needed!

Crystal Clear - Job Description

Skills required:

Job brief:

Everyone has their own unique mind, which are full of unique thoughts. Among those thoughts live the assumptions. There are 3 types of assumptions:

  1. A correct assumption.
  2. An incorrect assumption.
  3. And a “neutral” assumption.

The 2nd, and occasionally the 3rd ones give people a lot of confusion. Your job here, as the superhero, is to erase the confusion, and make everything crystal clear!

Your responsibilities and day-to-day life as the superhero:

First things first, this is a tough job. Being a superhero, as exciting as it may seem, welcomes you with a heap of responsibilities. What responsibilities? You are going to liberate people from this confusion, and that is a lot of work. Though this seems vague, I assure you it gets clearer once you have some context.

Once a brain processes something, anything, assumptions are made. Even as you are reading this, you are assuming how this job description is going to end, and assuming whether this job is for you, or not. Unfortunately, this is a problem, since you don’t have sufficient knowledge to assume these things. You barely know what this job is going to be about, yet you assume that in the end you will want to either accept or decline this job, whatever your thoughts are telling you.

Every day of yours will consist of you clarifying everyone’s confusions, including your own. Once an assumption is made, it is likely that the person will hold on to it. Think of the assumptions as suitcases getting approved before you go inside an airplane. The scanner checks if there is anything that’s not allowed inside the suitcase. If the scanner detects something bad, you won’t be allowed to pass. Say an evil monster is inside one of those suitcases, what would happen if you didn’t scan it? Most likely, the monster is going to cause chaos in the plane. A wrong assumption is a suitcase with an evil monster inside it, however, a correct assumption is a suitcase with harmless items inside.

Unfortunately, the brain doesn’t scan all of the suitcases, that would be a huge amount work. You, if you take up the job, will team up with the brain and help it do the work!

I will state this again: clarifying assumptions is not an easy task. Why? Because you may not know the answer yourself! You need to be able to evaluate the actions and people that lead to this assumption being formed, and confirm with each of them whether it’s correct or incorrect.

I know this sounds overwhelming, but take a minute to consider how much you will help everyone if you join us, and, as a bonus, it’s not just the others, you get to help yourself, too!

There are many ways to go about doing this, but our methods have proven to give the best results. If you think you’re ready, fill in the form and be the one-and-only real-life superhero!